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I’m Kaley Franks, an award-winning Brow Specialist and Semi-Permanent Makeup Artist, and also the founder of Brows on Point Permanent Makeup. At Brows on Point we aim to pamper, support and make you feel your very best! As a permanent makeup artist, my passion is reflected in my work. Whatever your needs we will create the perfect brows for you. Each client receives individual attention and makeup that is tailored to their needs.

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What We Offer

Powder Brow

A fine mist of colour is applied behind your natural brow hair to create soft powdery brows. After years applying makeup to your brows daily, suffering from sparse or uneven brows due to years of over-plucking, or simply having very fair brow hair or little brow definition... a powder brow treatment could be the answer!


A simple and effective way to add depth and definition to the eyes. Pigment is delicately applied to the the lash line with a fine needle; resulting in the illusion of fuller, darker lashes!

Lip Colour Blush

Discreetly defines the lip outline and returns fullness and colour to the lips. Pigment is applied to the upper layers of skin and results in enhanced lip colour and shape.

Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo

Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo is perfect for anyone who wants their lash line subtly enhanced, without having to apply false lashes.

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Performed with love by an advanced beauty skin-care technician.

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How we work


A consultation is normally done as part of your initial treatment, but can be done separately if you wish. We will discuss the look you have in mind, including colour and shape. Once you have a clear idea of your desired look, I will mix up a pigment colour and draw the shape on with a makeup pencil. The actual tattoo process will not begin until you are completely happy with what your results will look like.


During your treatment, I will insert pigment to the upper layers of your skin using very fine needles. The discomfort is minimal and most clients are surprised how comfortable they are throughout the procedure... many have fallen asleep half way through! The process takes approximately 2 hours. The area will look 20-30% darker / bolder than the final healed results, which appear within 5-10 days. At the end of the treatment I will go through your aftercare with you. It is very important you follow your aftercare instructions to achieve the best possible results.


A complimentary top-up treatment is then booked in 4-6 weeks after the procedure. This is to boost and perfect your colour and to make any necessary final adjustments.

Colour Booster

I recommend a colour-boost treatment or refresh every 12-18 months, and offer a discounted rate for returning customers. Colour boost procedures are usually one treatment and don't need a top up.

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